Our revolutionary shipping and logistics model allow us to offer free shipping all over the world, whilst being better for the environment too!


The old fashioned way involves an online clothing company working with a manufacturer overseas, to produce 1000s of items that then get sent over to their local warehouse where orders are then distributed.

We've outlined the pros and cons below:

Fast local delivery Expensive international delivery costs
High import and customs taxes
Expensive warehouse costs
High amounts of wasted stock
More transport involved = Worse for the environment


All of these 'Cons' result in higher product prices to cover all these unnecessary extra costs.



Here's what we do... All orders are sent to our customers directly from our manufacturing warehouse.

We've outlined the pros and cons below:

Faster and free international delivery
Slower local delivery
Less transport = Better for the environment
Lower costs = Lower product prices
No overproduction



All these 'Pros' allow us to provide lower prices for our products as well as free worldwide delivery.

By using this new model, we hope to provide the best solution to our customers all around the world whilst doing our part to protect the environment.